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We are the teachers of teachers, so let us do what we do best!

In ordinary times we partner with teachers inside their classrooms. We are now excited to partner with teachers virtually as well. Whether experienced or new to workshop, teaching in this new virtual world can be challenging.  We are equipped and ready to inspire teachers to lead innovative, engaging, and impactful reading and writing workshops virtually. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that what matters most for students is teachers, and an investment in teacher development is the pathway to powerful growth in our students.  Our mission is to work collaboratively with teachers and administrators in implementing readers and writers workshops in K-8 classrooms.   Whether a school is newly adopting workshop or in full implementation, coaches can engage teachers, administrators, and literacy leaders by differentiating staff development to ensure maximum growth for all.   


We believe that the most transformative professional development occurs in the classroom with students.   The establishment of on site coaching in lab classrooms is crucial to the evolution of best practices that impact ALL students.   



Mini Workshops

Mini workshops to provide jump starts for virtual teaching: 3 hour sessions 90 minute sessions 1 hour sessions

There is no one size fits all staff development which is why we pride ourselves in customizing each training and year long plan to fit the needs of the school community.  We will work with you to build a plan to meet your school or district’s needs. We invite you to reach out to us for a free consultation.    


One Day Workshops

Occasionally, professionals need a day away from their students to study together. One day intensives offer schools and districts an overview of readers or writers workshop or can also be designed and tailored to meet the needs of the district.

Week Long Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes are a great way to give staff an overview of reading and writing workshop. During these days, staff will learn the philosophy of workshop teaching as well as the essentials to establishing the workshop. Teachers will be engaged in their own learning by taking on the work of the student as a reader or a writer as to come to know and understand this work deeply.

Coaching Cycles

Coaching cycles are a set of days structured around a common topic. Coaching cycles are a great structure for grade levels to dig deeper into a particular topic or workshop structure. Teachers will need to be released for part of this work. It often includes starting in a lab-site where all the teachers have a similar experience with the coach leading the work. The remaining sessions have quite a bit of flexibility to them. Coaching cycles end with teachers trying some of the work on their own with a coach by their side and often in conjunction with their colleagues.

Administrative or School Leader Professional Development

​Professional development days for principals, administrators, and literacy coaches can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of the school or district. During this time, the consultant can do learning walks with the team to give helpful feedback in specific areas and help to craft next step goals for the site/district. This day could also be a time to study student data to inform future decisions and professional development days.

Planning Days

Planning days are important for grade level teams to map out a unit of study collaboratively. Consultants will meet with grade level teams to design all components of a unit of study including assessments, minilessons, small group and conferring strategies, and shares. Chara and Erica will facilitate methods for utilizing student data to guide instructional decisions on these planning days.

Parent Workshops

Consultants can design and tailor a parent presentation to teach the reading and/or writing workshop basics. We have found that readers and writers workshop is very different from the way that many of us were taught and parents appreciate being educated in the guiding principles behind the approach. These workshops can also be a nice forum for parents to learn ways to support their children at home.

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