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Pre-Recorded Courses

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Inspire Literacy Workshops

Now Available for Streaming!

Inspire Literacy is excited to offer online streaming of our teacher and parent workshops! Our goal is to empower teachers and parents during this time of virtual learning by providing them with the necessary reading and writing tools. By bringing the Inspire Literacy team to you, we hope to further you and your students' learning from home.

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Preview & Pricing


K-2 Reading Conferences

Learn all the ways to meet with your primary readers one on one.

$30 for 7-day rental


Grades 3-8 Interactive

Read Aloud

This session will provide a demonstration of a virtual read aloud, unpack the big ideas of read aloud, think about the different types of read alouds, and how to plan for IRA. Registrants will receive a Padlet full of resources to accompany this session. These resources include curated digital texts, short texts, and music videos and sample asynchronous read alouds.

$30 for 7-day rental


K-2 Reading in

Small Groups

Learn how to run virtual small groups in Reading for your primary students.

$30 for 7-day rental

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