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Inspiring Teachers

We believe that what matters most for students is teachers. An investment in teacher development is the pathway to powerful growth in our students.


Inspiring Readers

We inspire children to grow their own reading lives.

We teach them that reading can open doors.

Authors inspire us to live our best lives.


Inspiring Writers

We inspire each child we teach.


We teach them they matter. Their voice can change the world.


Learning to write is critically important for every child's future success. 

Inspire's Mission

/inˈspī(ə)r/ verb to instill in someone the motivation, enthusiasm, and courage to do better things and achieve more.


“Thank you for planning such an amazing week of PD to support us for next year. It was so helpful to come together to figure out creative ways to teach workshop, knowing that next year will be a different type of year."

Kindergarten Teacher

“It was like an awakening when you introduced small group instruction to the staff. You made it all clear for me, filling the uncertainty in my workshop teaching and helped me implement the workshop with fidelity. It finally felt right and it all made sense and I strived for more and more learning. You were there in a heartbeat to guide me and push my thinking. “

5th Grade Teacher

"Words cannot express my gratitude for everything you've done to help me this year. I don't know where this year would have taken me if I didn't have you as my coach. It has totally transformed my teaching."

4th Grade Teacher

Work With Us

In ordinary times we partner with teachers inside their classrooms. We are now excited to partner with teachers virtually as well. Whether experienced or new to workshop, teaching in this new virtual world can be challenging.  We are equipped and ready to inspire teachers to lead innovative, engaging, and impactful reading and writing workshops virtually. 

Writing on Computer

Virtual Learning

We believe it is possible for your virtual writing and reading workshop classrooms to be robust and meet student's needs. Need support for teaching reading and writing workshops virtually?  Here are some ways that we can work together virtually

One Day Workshops

Offer schools and districts an overview of readers or writers workshop or can also be designed and tailored to meet the needs of the district


Week long Summer Institutes

 Staff will learn the philosophy of workshop teaching as well as the essentials to establishing the workshop. Take on the work of the student as a reader or a writer as to come to know and understand this work deeply

Coaching Cycles

A set of days structured around a common topic.  Coaching cycles are a great structure for grade levels to dig deeper into a particular topic or workshop structure


Administrative or School Leader

Professional Development 

Professional development days for principals, administrators, and literacy coaches can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of the school or district

Planning Days

Consultants will meet with grade level teams to design all components of  units including assessments, minilessons, small group and conferring strategies, and shares

Helping a Student

Parent Workshops

Consultants design and tailor a parent presentation to teach the reading and/or writing workshop basics


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